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Replied to thread: JJsploit inject fails

Oh, Thats an easy fix!!! Just go in to JJSploits Program files and deleat the file the explicitly says (Old) on it.

Replied to thread: Roblox Crashing When Injected

Roblox crashes because of its anti cheat system. From what I've found when I use a more noticable exploit (JJSploit, RoWare, Ect.) my roblox crashes and I get the error code "Fatal Error". I hope this helps you.

Replied to thread: What do you think about your country?

The United States Of America... Its self explanitory...

Replied to thread: the JJSploit + Infinite Jump method no longer works :(

Yeah, Roblox just updated.

Replied to thread: Error when trying to use script

1st. What game was it?

2nd. If they said to wait for and update... THEN WAIT!