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[Opinion]best xbox

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I think the Xbox 360 is the best Xbox, why, you might ask? Because of its modding capabilities, for example: I want Xbox One UI? Boom, ima install a new theme using Homebrew. Want more games for free? Use Homebrew. 

Buy an Xbox 360 and let me say you won't regret it

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Xbox 360 for sure I made memories on there with my friends and cousins

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xbox 360 solos

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360 is the best xbox fr lol. it has homebrew and such so very good. i still miss mine

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Use Playstation :DDD

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I remember when I got my first xBox I was over the moon. I was still a student and didn't have much money. But my friend and I played games here at and managed to buy xBoxes for two. And we played all day long. It was a great time.  You could play online and have bonuses that you wouldn't get in normal life.


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xbox 360 is the best one

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