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Save game request

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Hi can somebody pls save a game for me 🙏


hello there

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Slight issue with this thread:


You didn't even specify what game, so even if someone wanted to help they literally can't.


And besides, why don't you just use KRNL? I'm pretty sure it has saveinstance support.

exploiters are 😎


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Have you tried playing GBA games, explore here:

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say what you want to be saved and the game link

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i write crap code

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download krnl, get a key, run saveinstance

the link for krnl is

keys are found at

here is the documentation for saveinstance


here is the basic saveinstance script


possibly a dev, I use krnl from time to time

owner of wait umm i dont have anything to own umm uhh'LocalScript') yaya i own a thing now

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