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Site notifications introduced & other changes


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Assuming you're logged in, a bell will appear to the right of your username in the navigation bar. Hovering over it will display notifications made for you. As of this thread creation, only thread replies will create a notification. With time, I'll add more events which will trigger notifications, such as a mod deleting your thread or moving your thread to another forum. I do plan on having native notifications such as Chrome notifications work with this. I do have plans to add an option to disable notifications for specific areas. 


I fixed the reputation view issue where all reputation cards were merged into one row. It should now wrap onto the next line if a card doesn't fit.


The server was tweaked massively, so I worry that there are uncaught issues. If anyone finds a new issue, please let me know in the complaints forum! Rep will be rewarded.

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cool i like the idea

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I know we are devs has a huge comunity but i know tgere was a trojan in 2018 i think. Is the security better now? 

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@Idk00 check this thread
I wonder why people are able to reply to this thread...



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Hey guys! I'm the founder of Silver ServerSide or SilverSide for short!
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