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@Nathio he was mocking me kid 

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@Funtimesgetfunner thanks for the neg rep, I make new accounts to change my name not to avoid neg reps. Im making a new acc soon if u wanna -10 neg rep :)

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@Nathio So my SS is trash because its taking a while to develop? At least we arent using sinner like you.

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@classiccat My old acc doesnt have -2 rep for scamming


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@classiccatYeah you did. And how come your expose is legit but mine cant be?

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Recently I made a bet with the skid called Boudewijn, for the ownership of Pegasus, I won the bet>
The Bet
Now he does not want to actually transfer like the kid he is!
Him being scared...

Please note [ THIS IS A SEMI-EXPOSAL ]

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@PopOnWE Its a counter expose

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1. Skidding!
You all probably wont believe this but he is a MAJOR skid. I have no clue what Jaydens source is but he uses it.
He says my exploit is skidded because it uses that dll soure, BUT, he made the dll...


2. Egotistic!
You guys think he can rival Synapse X, he thinks he can!

3. Threatening behavior!
You guys might have heard how he stole my server. He denies IP logging me, but then how does he have my IP?
In the evidence below, he threatens to leak my IP and boot me offline if I do not give the new ownership.

4. Logging!
He has my information, he cant have all that without logging.


Want to see another exposè? Reply below and I might make a whole account to discover the truth to all in the exploiting community.

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Please add a advertisment catagory.

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@SUPERSMASHERBROS He updated it up 0.1 a version

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Its the current version, I hate skids.

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@classiccat Yeah Vashul get some help

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@classiccat Im Buddy the dynosaur