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I Like Playing Roblox. By playing i mean exploiting :cheers:


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your mom is an executor with no key system ;_;

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@GITSTP am i still banned from the server since your staff hate my kind ;-;

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i pretty much just got a kid killed

what do


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3 meh friend

Created a new thread: Take Danisploit Off The Front PAGEGEGEGe

First of all, I'd like to note that his dll was made by imperious, He's a known RATter. Second of all, it's malware, adware, ratware etc. The reason why i say it's adware is because when you install it, you simply get a bunch of ads all the time. The are so many ads to get the actual download, and to get a key. But also with all the adlinks you can get malware or you can get more adware. 2 years ago or more, he put like 84327846843 RAT's on danisploit. I'm also sure that he used to or still does work with Pain Exist. Pain Exist was/is known for selling data, and doing some other shady stuff. Now, If jon or a mod sees this, Jon, take it down, mods, forward this to jon.


If im wrong, correct me in the comments. (And um flip, if you see this, idc what u have to say.)


Peoples Have A Nice Day!


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aslong as they give vr total links i guess they get a slight pass

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skisploit give me proofs

yoink give me proofs


(working to build a case for danisploit rn)

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@Simplicity_X that was suprisingly funny ngl xD

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@MattScripts can u supply me with any other forums that prove this?

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I'm writing this because of the slurp roblox exploit. The reason why i'm asking is because it's been discontinued. They don't work on it anymore. It's heavly outdated, Doesn't even work, and it just takes up space that can be used for a different exploit! Correct me if im wrong but the key system has like 5 ad links. If a moderator is reading this, forward this to Jon or something. Slurp is at this point, just junk.

Created a new thread: what exploits should be off of the front page?

Pls explain what exploits should be gone and why they should be gone

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@ZaphireHacks check now....

Created a new thread: Guide To Making A Good Serverside!

I know a lot of people here look for serverside module's or want to know how to make a serverside. I've Written A Doc On How you can do this and what to and not to do, also on what to expect!


The Doc Can Be Found Here: Click Me!


I Hope this is helpful!

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I know that people really hate my ui and i get that, Heres my full hubs ui. Share your thoughts, tell me if i should change anything!