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Replied to thread: Who is the best person on wrd in ur books?

Cuby and Funtimes are my favorite people on the forums. 

Replied to thread: False "Working" Nihon

@MalexzThis is a reoccurring thing, I rarely ever see the "pending fixes" label on anything other than JJ

Replied to thread: Art Section

Well, as scary as this person is, I do agree it might not be a terrible thing to have an area for this stuff, I don't know about general art but I think that 3D modeling, Sprite design, Ui design, and other related topics are a pretty large part of programming as a lot of programs tend to revolve around design and functionality.

Replied to thread: False "Working" Nihon

Well, Roblox updates every Wednesday, so almost every executor stops working around that time, you can't expect the exploit devs to be able to have a fix as soon as a new update comes out as they can't predict the future. So my solution to you, is to be patient and wait for a fix c:

Replied to thread: Rate this UI

It's really nice and all, but the search bar was killing me, for the love of god please make it so that on interact the instructional text disappears 10/10

Replied to thread: Why do we keep losing good people?

With great rep, comes great responsibility. A responsibility in which only a select amount of people are capable of handling.

Replied to thread: [AC] Roblox's Anti Cheat Part 2

No more noclip

Replied to thread: What is your favourite text editor or IDE?

Visual Studio 😎, no forum tho 

Replied to thread: What games do you guys play?

@0x777_You do have a pretty massive brain, I believe it

Replied to thread: What games do you guys play?

@Hiroku I used to play cleaning sim like 3 years ago

Replied to thread: What games do you guys play?

@Laxion These all look like pretty fun games ngl

Replied to thread: Note For The Mods!

@AtonixOkay then sir

Replied to thread: Have you watched top gun: maverick yet?

@NikkkTechnically, yes. I live in an underground house

Created a new thread: What games do you guys play?

Recently I have been extraordinarily bored, everything I used to enjoy doing/playing is becoming so unbearably boring that it's more fun to just sit on my bed and stare at the ceiling. So reply to this with some games you all like, so I can check them out.

Replied to thread: [Opinion][Appeal] I want your brutally honest opinion.

@IshanjitAppeal That's funny, ur a very funny person. I hope you get that second chance 👍