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@kiwidevelopment Yes, it was botted a bit ago. But im not talking as of recently either, I belive that the community has been noticaly dying for a long while now

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@SeizureSaladim just a person

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@kyron Very much so :Pensive:

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@ImmuneLion318 Yes, I was listening to a sad playlist while making this thread it made me remember the happy fun times I had in this server 


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@Unfairroblox91 Honorable soldier 

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@Aja Even doing so you will only be inviting someone who will stay for a bit and leave.  Almost nobody stays anymore, its quite sad, I remember about 2 wrd servers ago new people would show up all the time and a lot of them stayed, even some of the rule 1 breakers became people who are well known in the community to this day.

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@ThatPhoenix I dont think Jon only thinks of the website as a cash cow

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@haxcollector Well, I have been absent as of late so I assume that would be why. Nice to meet you though c:

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@Xero Maybe its that we all look at the community in a different way. You look at it as traffic and an income of new people and i lok at is as existing members and friends ive met in my time being here. When you look at it as traffic im sure that doesnt account for the time the newer people spend here. They could make an account and reply to a thread today and never do it again. But when you look at it as existing members who have spent months building a reputation and making friends with people its different, there are only so many people who stick around and when a lot of the ones who have start leaving left and right its a lot more noticable than a couple new people who show up once in a great while. I suppose what im trying to say is that its perspective based. 

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who knows but its fixed now

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its been like this for a bit, but it just now started showing up for people using better wrd

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No clue, but does the forum look a little funky today?

Created a new thread: WeAreDying

With every day that passes more and more people are leaving and going inactive, and I'm one of them, whatever happened to the bustling community I once knew; Where there was always something happening, whether it was a new exploit coming out, a new extension for the website, new scripts and other random stuff coming out every day or so, or even -dare I say it- the drama. Sure it got tiring after a while but it was still entertaining for a bit. I used to love visiting this website and the discord server after a tiring day of work or even as a past-time, it was full of amazing people who were fun to be around and interact with, but now most of them are gone, and this place has deteriorated. Where did it all go wrong? What can we do to bring this place back to its glory days; Can we even do anything? Watching this place become a ghost town is very upsetting; Especially knowing how great a place it can be. The point of this thread was to attract attention to this point, I know one measly thread isnt going to change the way things are headed but I dont know what else can be done. There used to be multiple threads posted in this sub a day, now theres only a few a week. 


also hi again c:

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Yes. Well I noticed that nihon recently surpassed 100k downloads. So yes congratulations immune!



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u dont gotta expose him like that