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Replied to thread: I officially deny all allegations that I am "Bobby the Cat"

yes you are stop leiing1!!!

Replied to thread: Random Link Opener

your best bet is to get a certain link and a db(and have some decent knowledge in CS) (like and have params as HWID (so basically get the hwid from CS and then put the value of the parameter as the hwid, next make a random string and hwid and store it in a db with an extra value called "isUsed" if the hwid uses the key, it will change the value of isUsed to True (but if you want temporary key sys you need to do some more extra steps) if you want five make some extra steps, like checkpoints if you want income or somethign else

Replied to thread: Can someone uncopylock a game for me?

its literally so easy, krnl can do it (i think) and synapse too

Replied to thread: Synapse Injector

doesn't synapse store your hwid (or something else) then check if your hwid is in the db?? lol...

i don't have synapse so idk what it stores lol

Replied to thread: Discord account got disabled

@boyke i had a dream where i got cancelled by wrd for some reason idk and got my discord account  spam reported so it got deleted

Replied to thread: TropixSploit 2.0 Published

you know "html" "python" "C#" "PHP"


if so use your skills at html(super easy)

blatant copy of fluxus bruv


and like stop putting key systems in effortless api exploits smh


@Blueless ah yes 2 gradiented triangles, and a box with 2 gradiented triangles

Replied to thread: Best 10 dollar exploit? 😎

there is no good 10$ exploit give all your money to me!!!! jk, lol, uh i dont think there are actually good exploits thats are 10$, sirhurt exists but its execution is so bad lol, overall the worst paid exploit, temple is 13$ tho so eh no use, maybe stack up some more until you get 20, or like 13 if you want.

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@simplydev bro what??

Replied to thread: [FREE SERVICE] bots

@SirWeeb alr, ill use nextcord

Created a new thread: [FREE SERVICE] bots

Ok so im making discord bots in python, dm me and ill make a discord bot for u, if you dont have hosting ill tell u how to host lol. Contact me on discord : vt#4339

Replied to thread: [REL] BetterWRD V3.0 — Adds New Features to WRD!

finally 3.0

bwrd veri veri cool use now

Replied to thread: [TUT] an Introduction to PRAW

@ThatPhoenix yes, even nsfw subreddits