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Um use void linux I guess also why do u hate arch 

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10 / 10


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projectz zrblx

orbx orbitrbx


you are big stupid noob

Replied to thread: My First WPF Attempt [Rate <3]

2.5/10 kind of bad ngl

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very nice


Content length must be 10-5000 chars

Created a new thread: post your desktop pics


(ik its not good to keep a lexer in a single file, its just to make a prototype)

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 dont crappost


Replied to thread: [RATE] WPF UI Stuff

It's not even dynamically moving and resizing the elements, what's the point of adding resize, it just makes it harder to use....

Replied to thread: rust section in Coding

@yranxzy how is rust horrible lol

Replied to thread: rust section in Coding

@RealNickk isnt it good thats its not easy to screw up

Created a new thread: rust section in Coding

add a rust lang section in Coding

Replied to thread: Misako (ONG NO CAP)

@Hiroku it still is valid in design lol

except for the loading part


transitions are still valid since you can animate in figma ( or practically any other tool )

Replied to thread: Misako (ONG NO CAP)

ok but why would you make the spinner black

also i dont think the background is really  needded just make it kind of flat

add dropshadow

decrease the corner radius

remove the border


also make it transition veri nicely to the keysys (or if it is paid to the login screen), and if it is validated go directly to the main window with a nice transition ofc





Replied to thread: If the Anticheat comes out perfectly, where should we go?

actually make projects


instead of wasting your life making (any kind of) cheats


tho i do make cheats

Replied to thread: Starlight v1.0 - Roblox Multitool

@RealNickkok then i will write it myself

in rust



🚀 It will be blazingly fast 🚀