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What do i need to start making dll's?


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What do i need to start making dll's?


1. Basically the topic...


2. I want to make my own API in a dll


3. Which language(/s) do i need...


4. Can someone recommend youtube videos or channels?


5. ...


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1. An api is a library full of functions.

2. you cant make an api in a dll

3. an api is csharp and a dll is c++

4. learn lua, cpp, csharp, and learn how to decompile roblox and get addys

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1 Either a working source, or write your own.
2 Use C# to implement a bridge between your C++ DLL and C# API.

3 You'll need to understand lua, c++, c# and assembly (for reverse engineering.)
4 I recommend TacticalBFG's exploits from scratch videos, it's good for newcomers.
5 I recommend starting with LuaC instead of Limited Lua, because it's easier to know what is going on

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