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How to make a cube.

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I want to make cube at players position.

I'm sooooooooo new to scripting in roblox, i just know lua syntax, but not the roblox api.

And, where i can learn, how to make scripts ( not the executors ).

I'm using KRNL.


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step 1: select the cube

step 2: Hold left click and create a cube
step 3: make sure the cube's sides are all equal

Step 4: (optional) select the circular/oval shape

step 5: make the player's head
Step 6: select the line to make the player's body
step 7: make sure the line is completely straight
Step 8: make the player's feet by using the line

step 9: now you can make the hands using the line



(btw ur thread makes 0 sense)


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It's funny and all, but at least where i can learn to make scripts for executors ?


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I'm assuming you want a block / part at the character's position, soo...

local cube ="Part") -- make a cube

cube.Name = "cube" -- give it a name so it exists

cube.Parent = game.Workspace -- if it's not parented, then it's parent will be nil, meaning it won't exist.

cube.Position = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position -- put the cube @ the player's position

cube.Size =, 4, 4) -- size it 4x4x4

-- also, know that said cube WILL NOT APPEAR on other player's screens, without utilizing actual game-specific bugs or vulerabilities.

I hope I didn't make some stupid mistake, that would be embarrassing lol


Then, for your second question: Just learn how to make LocalScripts, because that is the permission level you are working with. If you want to make GUI elements with rLua, try this plugin for studio: (GUI2LUA)

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open blender than slap the cube in there


there you go you have a cube 



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