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Idea/theorie how roblox could kill code execution on client/ removing luau from client and everything still works

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hello i was a bit confused about roblox saying that they want to create an server sided anticheat because the scripts run on the client so i was thinking about what they could do

i got a very good idea that will destroy all exploits but will take much performance from the roblox servers


everybody knows that the executors use the luau functions that are still in the client to handle the local scrips

so how could roblox remove the complete luau from the client and everything is still working?


the server handles the local scripts all the luau on the client gets calculated on the server but how could they access the client stuff like mouse position?

pretty easy the client sends to the server every frame a array full of values like mouse position and all this stuff then the server runs the code uses the info from the client and sends back all the changed stuff like part color block position and all this stuff


i hope they dont do this lol

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ig they would protect the client from actual exploits and then the serversided anticheat if needed, dont think it will work out for them tho cuz u can just hook the script that sends packets


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High latency + every single thing client<->server can still be spoofed with a RakNet debugger, meaning that this security will confuse people but it won't stop them.

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