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hello there

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Messing around with PyPi and modules and stuff I made an absolutely useless module "UselessConsole" which literally just prints to the console.


It has the same functionality as using "print()" so I see no use in this at all. I just decided to release this for the memes.


In case you decide to load it up or something, there is a little funny thing in it that does something cool, but I won't tell you what it is, you'll have to find it ;)


(has to do with emiray)


Oh and also the functions are based off C# syntax lol


That's all, I have nothing else to say about this useless package.



pip install UselessConsole


from UselessConsole import Console


Console.WriteLine("based off C#")
Console.Write("more C# syntax")
Console.ReplaceLine("but this isn't in c#")
Console.[]() # this is the funny one but i refuse to blatantly put it here just find it yourself

Ok bye

exploiters are 😎


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why cant I Write() what is he doing this time

its not letting me replace my dad either

i tried to call emiray and my python got ddosed

i ghost the forums and sometimes use jjsploit, nothing else


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@mwc94087 :skull:


vouch, nice release ig :shrug:

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