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Replied to thread: My krnl key no longer works. Help?

you need to get a new key every 24h lol


Replied to thread: What is the most effective Roblox script executor?

the best one is Synapse X but its costs 20$ if you are looking for a free exploit then Krnl

Replied to thread: Teleport to a player [Trash]


Ok thanks 


Replied to thread: Teleport to a player [Trash]


Thanks, I'm planning on learning more about making Roblox exploit scripts because it's kinda fun for me lol

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Created a new thread: Teleport to a player [Trash]

I know that this script is trash but it's my first exploit script lol


local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart

local targetcf = game.Players.TARGETNAMEHERE.Character.HumanoidRootPart



print("Your CFrame is:", player.CFrame)

print("Your Target CFrame is:", targetcf.CFrame)


player.CFrame = targetcf.CFrame


print("Your New CFrame is:", player.CFrame)


replace TARGETNAMEHERE with your targets name


Replied to thread: Rate my UI (Maybe Release?)

honestly, it dosen't look good

Replied to thread: Roblox JJ exploiter not working?




Replied to thread: How do I use Raw Pastebin Links?

loadstring(game:HttpGet('link here'))()

Replied to thread: Why isn't my JJSploit

try to download other exploits like Krnl or Novaline

Replied to thread: Rate my executor ui

its UI looks good i would use it

Replied to thread: Rate my UI plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I mean the UI is very simple but it still looks better than most of the exploits posted on this website

Replied to thread: [TEASER] Misako's User Interface

I love those animations 9/10

Replied to thread: EvoSploit WPF Released

it looks like a trash

Replied to thread: [VectorXUI] WPF UI for Rating (Part 2)

it's clean and very cool 8/10