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[help] how do i use svg icons in wpf

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title sums this thread up, i kinda don't like segoe icons/fluent icons so i wanna use the svg's i have but since im a retard idk how so if anyone could help that would be pretty baller

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open the svg file in notepad, copy the data (letters n numbers n stuff) and then make a path (<Path> <Path\>) and make the data of that path (<Path Data = ""> <Path\>)


Also some other good icons that aren't svg are Material Design Icons

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just open a svg file and get the <path data ="saugusajgusajfusajgfuisajgu you copy this">, usually the path data is the next one example :

<path data="haha i dont have data"> <path data="copy me im the data babe">

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Would Assume Something Along This Would Work Too If You Want Buttons With SVG's

<Button >
     <Path Data="Svg Path Data" />

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