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Replied to thread: HELP Unfriending everyone

Thats some clean code 

Replied to thread: HELP Unfriending everyone

@Cyros No Worries lol the code was unobfuscated and I checked through it, Thanks for caring tho !

PS. your discord is invalid

Created a new thread: HELP Unfriending everyone

Is there a working javascript script that i can paste into my conolse to unfriend everyone Ive tried almost everything on the internet and still none of them work :(

Replied to thread: [Website Bug] Load More button misplaced

Hahahaha Poggers hahahaha

Created a new thread: Jailbreak autorob help

Theres literatly no script that works for autorob Ive looked so hard and nothing. they just tp you around and get you stuck everywhere

Replied to thread: [REL] Animated Console.WriteLine()

Makes me sad because I would have done this line for line LMFAOO

Created a new thread: Im Looking For a mentor to help me with learning c++ hacking

Yes  I wanna learn but I am to stupid to learn by myself and I need someone that knows how but I wanna learn yes yes I make no sense I know

Replied to thread: How to make a c# calculator

Troll account right?



Replied to thread: Emoji's/Emote's

@CortexMemory I'm talking about premade emotes not that users can implement 

Replied to thread: What service should i use for HWID Key System

I would be down to work with u in wtv your developing Also Yes I would suggest making your own auth since services are kinda garbo I have a open source license system you can use its not very popular tho and either way I would make own auth

Replied to thread: Dll roblox injector

Hey im not here to help bc I dont know c++ but u actually inspiring me to make stuff even tho i havent really made anything

Replied to thread: [REQ] Booga Booga Scripts

@lkky Already seen that one half of the things broken

Created a new thread: [REQ] Booga Booga Scripts

Im looking for any free booga booga scripts that r actually good

Replied to thread: Emoji's/Emote's

@deadlocust It could be good because it could make replies/threads more colorful and alive if you know what i mean

Replied to thread: If anyone is looking for help