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Multiple executors marked as Trojanware


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Tried getting Yoink and Kiwi X but Windows Defender's picking out Trojanware inside them. This real or an integrated part?

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The only exploit software I would trust is JJ, Coco, and Dove. (Just from my personal experience) I don't know about those two exploits but if you are having a problem with only two executors, I suggest switching to a different one.



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If they are obfuscated then antiviruses can't read it so they are automatically marked as trojans. ALL exploits are marked as trojans. Either the DLLs or the exe itself.

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Nah these exploits where sketchy from when I first used them, kiwi x is useless its thr same as furk. A exploit using a free api and putting a key system smh. Yoink has always had problems with anti virues etc


I suggest use dove, coco z, krnl, jjsploit

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ee idk yoink is kinda sus when I used it first my cpu went from 100



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kiwi x has always been sketchy to me. free exploit using a free api and a keysystem, def not recommended


i would recommend trusting coco / krnl only

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well, other than dove, coco, and jjsploit, i wouldnt trust at all

the rest are mostly skidded bytecode interpreters and a lot are adware

youre best bet is either krnl or coco

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no it just needs kernel access to run dont worry 

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