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How trustworthy are exploits?



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Read title and answer.

Not talking abt paid like synapse and SW.


free ones.


Can't a reputable dev do a exit scam e.g. rat their users before deleting their acc(s) and placing miners into their pc's and other stuff


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Just look at the community, howmany people use it, their reputation, etc.. from that information just follow you feeling and don't run anything that you wont need.




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Be like spider man and feel his spidy senses and you pretty much pick the good devs from the bad devs




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That isn't really what an exit scam is, but I get what you mean.


You can usually figure it out by doing one of the following (or all of them if possible):

  1. Do you recognise the owner? If you do and you notice that people act positively towards them, it is a possible sign that they can be trusted.
  2. How long has the exploit been around? If it's been around for long, it is more likely to be trustworthy.
  3. Ask around. You can even make a WRD thread. See what other people say.


But about your last thing: "can't a reputable dev do a...". The answer to that is, yes they can.This applies to every exploit dev, whether the product is free or not. You'll just have to apply the above, and also have some trust.

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It depends on just reputation and senority 

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yes they can


autho even paid exploits devs can do that can they :thonk:

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Sure sure, they definately can do that stuff. But it would come at a cost, they would never ever be able to show their faces in the exploiting communities again (they would have a nerve doing that) but exploits are relatively trustworthy provided that they aren't from youtube, the download links are direct from the creators/developers, and provided that the exploit doesn't look like trash on fire in NY. And provided that the developers and creators are reputable.

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