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Hello, I am making a Key System and I want to know how to make it so when I press a button "Get Key" it will select and open 1/5 (randomly selected) link and open it. Is there a way to make it? - Mark 


PS. Heres an image for more info



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^ you would then host the js file somewhere and make your exploit redirect to your thing

using System.Diagnostics;

Process.Start("your js file");
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("your js file")


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@Xero that is javascript and not cs?


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@SirWeeb Whoops




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if u want it in c#:

string[] urls = {"link1", "link2", "link3", "link4", "link5"};
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(urls[new Random().Next(urls.Length)]);


more readable: (both do the same thing)

string[] urls = {"link1", "link2", "link3", "link4", "link5"};
Random random = new Random();
int randnum = random.Next(urls.Length);

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your best bet is to get a certain link and a db(and have some decent knowledge in CS) (like and have params as HWID (so basically get the hwid from CS and then put the value of the parameter as the hwid, next make a random string and hwid and store it in a db with an extra value called "isUsed" if the hwid uses the key, it will change the value of isUsed to True (but if you want temporary key sys you need to do some more extra steps) if you want five make some extra steps, like checkpoints if you want income or somethign else

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i know for a fact the urls you're trying to go to are random linkvertises and each one just goes to a pastebin file

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