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Roblox keeps kicking me out with error 268

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So, I firstly injected JJ. All was Ok. After that I decided to try KRNL, and closed its command prompt window when it asked me for key (Roblox closed as well). And after this I keep getting 268 on place launches. The main thing is, if I try to launch any place on any account from my PC, the error spreads to other devices. But running unaffected accounts from mobile doesn't brick my game, so I suspect I got shadowbanned by hardware. Any suggestions?




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Just wait for the ban to perish, it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour


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Try running Nihon to clear up the error


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Ayo Jon is recommending me and Immune's 268 fix? :flushed:
i will get into UNC once i release Misako okay please stop bully

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Just wait it out. Takes 30-45 minutes at max...

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